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Our Process

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Everything Starts With A Production Consultation

At our first meeting with your team, our goal will be to understand the complete scope of your production and act as a resource to answer any questions you might have as to what is possible considering both the budget and venue. Once we have gathered enough details, we’ll schedule an on-site walk-through to ensure that the production proposal we deliver is as accurate and complete as possible.

Developing Your Proposal: Going The Extra Mile

While many live production companies are only focused on delivering the biggest proposal they think you’ll sign off on, our team of production scientists would rather give you the best proposal to fit your needs. Our process starts by three-dimensionally modeling your venue to ensure the audio video and lighting package we design is the perfect fit not only for your venue but also for your vision of the event. We then reach out to your artists and presenters to ensure that the package we design for your event is exactly what they need to look, sound, and feel their best on stage.


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Coordinating Your Event

With all systems a go, our team will begin putting your proposal into action. Our first step is to begin organizing the equipment that we’ll need for your event. With over a decade of experience in the live production industry, we have the equipment to meet every type of production imaginable, and if we don’t have the exact tech on-premises, we’ll partner with one of our trusted rental houses to provide the equipment well ahead of time to ensure it goes through the same rigorous testing that our own equipment goes through before either is loaded on a truck and sent to your event. As we’re finalizing the equipment plan our staffing team will kick in to recruit the best professional from our expansive network with backgrounds in productions similar to your event. Ensuring that your jazz quartet sounds like a jazz quartet and your hard rock show sounds like a hard rock show and NOT the other way around.

The Big Day

24 hours ahead of the event, our team will arrive on-site and jump to work setting up your audio video and lighting packages, triple-checking all connections, and making the final preparations for your event prior to your team and the talent's arrival. When your talent has settled in we’ll invite them to a sound check with our team to make sure everything is set up to their liking and they are as comfortable on your stage as possible. Comfortable artists deliver outstanding performances.


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Show Time

During the show, our team will take care of everything, but the performance, with dedicated technicians for lighting, sound, and video and a team of system technicians specialized in troubleshooting live events on the fly. If you require anything from our team while the event is taking place, feel free to ask. We will do our best to address every concern in the moment to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and that your audience leaves with a smile on their face.

That’s A Wrap

Following the show, our team will have our equipment and team packed up and ready to roll out within 24 hours of the end of the event. Many of our clients think that after seeing how much work goes into setting up these events, that it must take days to disassemble, pack up, and remove from your location. When in reality most of our equipment will be packed up and ready to move out within hours of your event ending.


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Our Shows

We’ll do it Live! Below you’ll find a collection of our favorite Live events, complete with the challenges our clients were facing and solutions we developed to help them manage these large-scale dynamic events.

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United Grinding Precision Summit

Corporate Event

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United Grinding hosted a two-day showcase event for their current and future clients. Their goal was to give prospective customers an up close look at the latest technologies that they had to offer. This included a few live presentations in their warehouse that required both video and audio.


We worked with United Grinding to design a stage, video wall setup, speaker system, and trussing to hold a top-of-the-line lighting display. We brought in all of the equipment, set it up in their warehouse space and then provided the technical support required to run their presentations. 

End Product

The showcase was a huge success. The video and audio solutions allowed for crystal clear presentations of their products and services and the lighting display changed the overall environment of the room into an immersive experience.

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