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Working With Ambient: A Foundation In Trust

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Working with Ambient: A Foundation in Trust

At Ambient Productions, we believe the most important element in the design and build process is that our clients trust that we always have their best interest in mind. To build that trust, we adhere to four pillars in every engagement.



Your project deserves more than an automated intake process that requires you to fill out an endless series of request forms just to get someone on the phone. Whether you're seeking an estimate or have a project already in the works, the team at Ambient Productions is ready to answer your call ( both literally and figuratively ). We pride ourselves on being the most accessible AVL firm in the country because our clients deserve it.


We believe each engagement is an opportunity to form a long lasting partnership with our clients and so the support we provide extends far beyond the sale, design and installation. Besides the complimentary training for your team on how to best utilize your new system, you are welcome and encouraged to reach out any time with any questions no matter how small and we’ll get you the answers, training, or solution you need as quickly as possible.

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The first thing you’ll notice about working with us is how much we care and consider the fine details of your project. We believe in a no stone unturned design philosophy that ensures the design we propose is the perfect fit for your venue and not an off the shelf retro fit that will leave you wanting more in the years to come. From providing you with acoustic analysis, to visualizations of your design we can confidently say no other AVL firm goes to such great lengths to make sure our clients get the best design, installation and setup for their money.

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While we pride ourselves in our ability to craft solutions at any budget, where we won’t compromise is quality. Whether it be the equipment we’re installing, the builders we hire or the training we provide to your staff, we promise to only deliver the highest quality products, services, and experiences to our clients.

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Ryan Inman has been involved in music and live production since his high school days as a musician in a band. Between gigs, Ryan would pack up the band's PA system in the back of his van and travel around Dayton, helping churches, and schools run sound at their events. Soon, Ryan had built a reputation in the live sound community and became a sought-after expert, quickly graduating from small local events to running stages at large music festivals. And with that, Ambient Productions was born.

What amazed his clients was how much better their events sounded when compared to their day-to-day services and assemblies. Soon, Ryan was being asked to come in and train his clients' in-house engineers to make their bands, choirs, and presenters sound as good as they did at their live events.

As Ryan's clients completed their training programs, many discovered that their problems weren’t just training-related. Poor quality equipment incorrectly installed was half of their problems they faced. After hearing how good their services could sound, there was no going back. They asked Ryan what they should do, what he would do, given their situation. Ryan set to work, starting to design custom audio and video systems perfectly tailored to each of his clients' facilities. Soon enough, he found himself supervising the installation of Million-dollar Audio video and lighting systems for some of the biggest venues in the area. Ten years later, with hundreds of designs, installations, and productions under their belt, Ambient Productions has become the Midwest's industry leader in Audio video and lighting design, event production, and sales and service of high-quality AVL (audio video lighting) equipment.

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